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About Us

Established in 2001, Barair Systems limited is an independent company working with both public and private companies.


Essentially providing mechanical engineering services to organisations that require assistance with mechanical engineering related applications. Projects such as; developing products, machinery, automation packages and processes.


Barair Systems have also successfully used their experience and methodical scientific approach to perform detailed research, development and testing on a wide range of products and processes.


Having experience in professional witnessing and investigation: Barair Systems have assisted customers with accident investigations, covert industrial investigations, product failure analysis and loss adjusting reports for the insurance industries.


Our company was formed to promote and sell, recycling air cleaning equipment for public houses and night clubs.


Our industrial air cleaning product lines proved a hit and we sold many units to the aforementioned trades. Our air cleaners developed in house were; quiet, effective and filtered huge volumes of air.


This why the company was named “Bar” as in where you drink, “Air” as in what you breathe and “Systems” the cleaning units we sold.


We did a great job of cleaning air, but on 1 June 2007 the government did a better job than even we could and banned smoking in public places.


Prior to the government enforced ban, it was decided that Barair Systems, having developed its own successful product range, could move into bespoke mechanical engineering and consultancy.


This has proven to be a complete success.


Since our move closer to our bespoke mechanical engineering, design and consultancy operations; we have undertaken many various projects.


We designed, manufactured and commissioned a fully automated pick and place vision system for inspecting and detecting defects in rivet nut studs. This machine has operated continuously in a production environment from 2004 to date and has saved our customer hundreds of thousands of pounds in manual inspection and customer detected defect penalties.


Our company analysed the production techniques at Astracast (part of Jacuzzi Group) using the Taguchi Method. This resulted in Barair designing and manufacturing a prototype rig to prove the results and revolutionise the production techniques. Since our work, Astracast have commissioned a whole production facility based on our findings and technology.


We have reverse engineered display stands for Dulux (part of ICI), we also certified and assisted in design modifications for display stands for companies such as Xbox (Microsoft Corporation), Leapfrog, Black and Decker.


We have helped companies in CE marking products; DIA International Pharmaceuticals Limited, Florette Group Limited, The Waste Wizard and Toyota Tsusho Corporation.


We have applied the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to assist Polyoil (part of the Roxar Group). We analysed their products to reduce their production costs and increase longevity of their oil industry / sub-sea products. We have also produced FEA reports for companies such as: Taylor Goodman, BES, Wheelbox, Austops and Surridge Willow Services.


Examples of our project work include: designing and manufacturing an automated assembly and forming machine for Teconnex, a CNC three axis conveyor belt machining machine, for a conveyor belt manufacturer. We have also redesigned automated production handling equipment for the Ramsey Timber Group. There are many more, but due to confidentiality we are often unable to disclose our most technical achievements.


Our company has developed a range of small machines for Multi-Mix Limited: providing mechanical engineering consultancy support across their product range for; design, manufacture and certification.


We have also designed a new product range for a leading wing mirror manufacturer; Ashtree Vision and Safety. This involved applying practical and functional design considerations whilst understanding the customer’s aesthetic requirements.


We also continue support many other customers throughout the UK, providing them with design, automation and manufacturing solutions.


Our company has moved far from its first introduction in 2001. We are committed to uphold and improving our innovative edge, further developing our skills whilst embracing technology and remaining cost effective.


We are passionate about; mechanical design, problem solving, research & development, automation, analysis and mechanical engineering.


Thank you for visiting our website.


Engineer Adrian Lowes.




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