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Bespoke Machinery; Design and Manufacture

Barair Systems Limited provides a custom machinery design service for manufacturing automation for a vast range of manufacturing environments.


We have produced equipment for sectors such as; oil industry, medical equipment, manufacturing environments and research & development centres.


Barair Systems serves as a manufacturing consultant to FTSE 100 companies and start-ups alike. Automation design and engineering of custom manufacturing equipment is our core strength.


Our company specialises in providing solutions for your production requirements. With our considerable experience in a range of industries, we can offer; advice, equipment and the necessary support to increase your company’s efficiency.


Our fully trained specialists can assess your factory production automation needs. We can advise you on various levels of industrial automation systems; from simple handling equipment through to fully automated equipment. The wide range of knowledge our experts have gained in the field of automatic assembly machines, enables us to offer the best solution for your requirements.


Our range of products and customer service offers an unrivalled breadth of competitively priced solutions to your automation requirements.


Our Areas of Expertise.


• Automation Design and Engineering

• Machine Design / Mechanisms Design

• Systems Integration (Controls, Software)

• Capital Equipment Design and Build

• Industrial Equipment Design

• Test Equipment Custom Design Fabrication

• Medical Equipment Design

• Testing Equipment Design

• Material Handling Equipment Design

• Prototype Equipment Design

• High Volume Manufacturing Applications

• Industrial Process Equipment

• Chemical Handling

• Vacuum Applications

• Pneumatic Systems

• Hydraulic Systems

• Electrical Power Distribution

• Instrumentation and Control PLC / HMI

• Robotic work cells

• Custom Robot Design

• Machine Vision Systems

• Optics / Optical Systems

• Electro / Opto / Mechanical Systems


The video below shows some machinery design and build projects.


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