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Research and Development

Barair Systems Limited has a proven track record of successful research and development contracts; resulting in successful product lines and production facilities.


We have developed consumer goods, oil processing systems, mechanical machinery prototypes and product testing machinery.  Additionally, our company have developed cycle and impact testing machines, for product testing in various industries.


We offer experienced, qualified Mechanical Engineers with experience in research projects of a very diverse nature.


We have a track record in successful experiential design. We have significantly reduced experiential cycles for our customers, whilst maximising the identification significant factors within the experiment. We have successfully applied the Taguchi Method and perfected manufacturing processes through the interpretation of the results.


Our company offers an intelligent R&D subcontracting solution to the mechanical engineering sector. We can work alongside your team to offer support at time of high demand or act as a sub-contracted consultant; hence, removing the requirement to hire additional staff for short to medium term research projects.


Barair Systems have worked with private companies directly as sub-contract research consultants; also working with public private partnerships in collaboration with various universities.




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