Our Mechanical Engineering Services

Pure Engineering

Mechanical Design

Parametric 3D Modelling

Using parametric computer modelling software, we produce 3D parts and assemblies. We generate complex folded (fabricated) sheet metal parts, which can be used to generate profile patterns. Our 3D solid models can be used to produce detail design drawings or rapid prototyping samples, such as 3D printing.

Detailed Engineering Drawings

From our 3D solid models, we produce detailed engineering drawings to BS8888 (formally BS308). We undertake geometric and tolerance analysis for parts and assemblies, ensuring reliable and repeatable component fitment. As part of our mechanical design services, we offer the conversion of old 2D drawings to 3D solid models and subsequently replacement 2D drawing sheets.

Analysis and Simulation

Using 3D solid modelling information, we can analyse parts and assemblies for, strength, weight reduction or cyclic failures. We can interrogate assemblies in virtual operation via kinematic (motion) analysis. Resulting forces from the kinematic analysis can be used to perform a Finite Element (stress) Analysis.

Capital Investment

Machinery & Automation

Innovation & Conceptual Design

We produce robust creative conceptual designs; some of our designs have resulted in granted patents. We develop concepts into sketches and proposals, subsequently developing them into solid models and prototypes. As part of our research and development services we can use a combination of computer modelling and physical testing of parts or assemblies.

Process or Machinery Modifications

Our company will work closely with you on any process modifications you require. This could include machinery modifications or additional production equipment. We have an excellent record in reconditioning old equipment; mechanically and electrically. We can also provide design and manufacture of jigs, fixtures and tooling.  

Turnkey Design and Manufacture

Since 2003 we have been successfully providing a machinery design and build service. From simple mechanical assemblies to more complex machines incorporating PLC control, HMI interfaces, pneumatic and or hydraulic systems. All our equipment is supplied with CE certification.

Litigation and Insurance

Legal & Professional Support

Independent Investigation

We investigate a variety of products and processes. We also undertake accident investigations, associated reconstructions, and any required simulations or testing.  We use advanced analytical techniques to verify fitness for purpose and human factors.

Professional Witnessing

We supply expert advice and evidence on technical issues including (but not limited to); mechanical engineering systems or parts, automation projects, mechanical and electromechanical safety systems.  We prepare expert witness reports to Civil Procedures Rules (CPR) Part 35. We undertake works internationally.

Contract Review and Conflict Resolution

As to save costs for all parties, we provide our extensive experience in providing an informed independent perspective. Bound by the rules of the Engineering Council, we are proud to maintain confidentiality with honest and open consultation. Having two decades experience; we can help defuse significant breakdowns and clarify respective positions, generating a solution which is appropriate and fair.   

Looking Great

Presentation & Digital Imaging

Photorealistic Renderings

Our custom build high powered workstations and rendering nodes, assist us in producing photorealistic renderings of 3D solid models. We can produce static images, 360-degree revolving renderings, virtual reality environments and walk-throughs.

Presentation Videos

We can incorporate all forms of generated rendered media into presentation videos. We can incorporate start and end credits, animated company logos, explanatory overlay text, voiceover, and subtitles. Our video presentations are in high demand and are seen as one of the best possible ways of exhibiting new designs or modifications. We can work off customer models that are compatible with our systems.    

User Manuals and Assembly Instructions

From simple furniture to complex production machines, all require assembly instructions. We produce 2D and 3D assembly instruction sets, for either the industrial or domestic market. Static printed images or animated assembly videos can be produced for your product.