Case Studies


Project Examples

“Our customer base comprises of large utility companies, requiring exacting standards of equipment supply.

Barair have undertaken analysis works, of our equipment for large scale water treatment plants.

We are happy with their contributions and still engage the company as we require. We have no hesitation in recommending their services to you.”

Jonathan Lord
Managing Director
Barair have undertaken machinery modifications, resurrected once abandoned automation projects and improved production plant at Ramsey Timber in Bradford.
"Our projects require stringent adherence to very specific regulations within the oil and gas industry.

Barair have supplied us with mechanical design solutions, R&D consultancy and manufactured products for many years.

We are very happy with their services and would have no hesitation in recommending them."

David Ayre
Managing Director
In 2007; Barair designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a bespoke rivet nut insert inspection machine.

This vision system inspected millions of components intended for the automotive market.

The equipment significantly reduced component assembly errors from being accepted, reducing costly end user line stoppages.
Barair devised an on-street vehicle charging system. The OHD Charger was designed specifically for on street charging, for domestic dwellings.

The product is Patent Granted (European Patent No EP3459785).

Further details can be found here:
Barair have worked with us to develop some of our safety products. We appreciate their solid modelling design solutions and animated renderings.

John Roper
Managing Director
Following successful projects with Softbox systems.

Our company exhibited our extensive experience of flow wrapping and packaging solutions.